General conditions

These general conditions regulate the online purchase with DRAGO Property Management, owner of the website whose purpose is vacation rental.

In compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the data contained herein correspond to DRAGO Property Management owner of this website, with address Via de Servicio Las Arenas s / n. Puerto de la Cruz, 38400. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. You can contact the owner of this website, by means of the contact email

The online purchase with the company is regulated under these conditions so it is assumed that the customer knows and accepts them, as well as our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Legal Notice.

Be sure to read all the rules carefully to avoid misunderstandings and ensure your safety and a pleasant holiday. By confirming your reservation, you understand that you are familiar with and accept all the rules.

Violation of some rules may result in the cancellation of the reservation and the collection of a full amount of the reservation price, regardless of a shorter stay.

DRAGO Holidays has no right to enter the property during the absence of guests or without their consent, except to stop damage, danger or solve any problem on the property. In this case, DRAGO Holidays must inform guests immediately. If DRAGO Holidays has any reason to believe that the house rules have been violated, guests must allow us to enter the property to verify the situation. Any problem that cannot be resolved by DRAGO Holidays will involve police intervention. Complaints will be considered only if they were reported during the stay. Post-stay complaints will not be considered.



After confirming a reservation you will be asked to provide all relevant information: for security and tax reasons DRAGO Holidays is obligated by the Holiday Rental Decree of the Canary Islands to collect the personal data of all guests over 16 years, and send them through the Partee platform to the Spanish State Security Forces. A standard short-term agreement will be established between the parties upon confirmation of the reservation. Reservations for third parties are not possible, unless the guest is SL and fully responsible for the actions of its employees.

The type of apartment, the price per night and the rental period are previously established in the reservation. Due to the limited duration, the damage deposit must be paid in advance.

1.1 Changes in the reservation

Any reduction in days of stay will be charged with reference to the cancellation policy. Should the guest require an extension of stay, this may depend on availability and may require additional costs. If DRAGO Holidays is unable to provide the customer with the reserved property, the customer will be informed and offered a new property with similar characteristics. If both parties cannot reach an agreement, the client will be refunded the full amount paid, subject to the following conditions. - 100% of the amount of the rental before arriving at the apartment - the percentage corresponding to the unused days of the reserved stay.

1.2 Rates

All prices include a 6.5% IGIC, but do not include a cleaning fee, which varies according to the type of property. Community costs, as well as gas, electricity, TV, WIFI and the use of an elevator, if any, are included in the price.

1.2.1 Refundable rate

The total price of the reservation must be paid at least 30 days before arrival. All bookings cancelled more than 30 days prior to arrival will be refunded in full. If the guest cancels up to 15 days before the date of arrival, 50% will be charged. If the guest cancels after the deadline or does not show up, the total price of the reservation will be charged.

1.2.2 Children

All children up to the age of 24 months will have no charge, from that age all children will count as additional guests. Some properties include baby equipment such as travel cot, baby bath, high chair. For the rest of the properties, you can check availability and price.

1.2.3 Damage Deposit

The guest must pay by bank transfer or credit card the amount stipulated as a security deposit for the rental. At the end of the stay the deposit will be returned to the guest after the stay, returning the deposit to the guest using the same method used to make the reservation, provided that the guest has not incurred any cost for which part or all of the deposit may be required.

1.3 Payment methods

DRAGO Holidays accepts standard payment methods: credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), bank transfer or PayPal.


2.1 Check-in

Be sure to provide us with your flight number and landing time in order to plan your check-in correctly. Check-in begins after 16:00 until 22:00. You can request a check-in before 16:00, but it must be requested in advance and confirmed by DRAGO Holidays. If it was not requested and confirmed prior to your arrival, there is no guarantee that the property will be clean and ready for check-in. You may request check-in after hours, but there is an extra charge added.

Check in after 22:00 has a cost of 25 €.

Check in after 24:00 has a cost of 35 €.

Check in after 02:00 has a cost of 45 €.

2.2 Departure

Departure and return of keys will take place before 12:00 a.m. It is possible to check out after the usual, but this must be requested in advance and confirmed by DRAGO Holidays in advance to ensure availability.


3.1 Delivery

The keys will be handed over at the property. DRAGO Holidays will notify the guest in advance. Please note that there is no 24-hour reception. Respect the hours and notify us of any delays. A set of keys will be provided for each reservation, DRAGO Holidays may provide you with an additional set, but this must be requested in advance.

3.2 Return

The key must be returned on the day of departure in the same condition in which it was received by the guests. For lost keys, DRAGO Holidays charges the amount involved in changing the lock and copies of new keys. If the guest is blocked in the lodging, he should contact DRAGO Holidays immediately. If the locksmith needs to be called, the costs will be paid by the guest if the door lock was produced by the guest.


DRAGO Holidays charges a cleaning fee to prepare the property for the guest. In the event that the guest tells us that the property is not clean enough, it is mandatory to contact DRAGO Holidays immediately. The guest is responsible for the cleaning of the reserved property during his stay. There is no need for DRAGO Holidays to clean, fix, or remove trash throughout the guests' stay.

4.1 Extra cleaning

Cleanings can be arranged during the stay at an additional cost. For professional cleaning reference is charged with 15 € per hour, on weekends and holidays the cost is 20 € per hour.

4.2 Additional sheets and towels.

For stays of more than 10 nights, the guest will have at his disposal an additional set of sheets and towels free of charge. 

4.3 Waste disposal

The guest is obliged to take out the garbage frequently and not to accumulate any food leftovers around the property. To be more sustainable and preserve the island, please recycle. Normally, the color on the container indicates what type of waste it is for:

Blue - paper. Yellow - plastic, cans, milk/juice boxes. Green - glass. Grey - the rest.


5.1 Noise

As a general rule, from 22:00 to 8:00 a.m. is the nightly rest period, so keep the noise level low so as not to disturb the neighbors. The exact schedule may vary depending on each property.

5.2 Smoking

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the property. If the accommodation allows, you can smoke on the terrace / balcony / garden with the door closed so that smoke does not enter the accommodation. Always throw all debris into the proper container. If you do not strictly comply with this rule, you may incur a damage payment, which will be deducted from the damage deposit.

5.3 Toilet

In the Canary Islands it is very important not to throw anything into the toilet, only a small amount of toilet paper, always use the container in the bathroom. Guests are obliged to cover all expenses for damage caused by improper use of the toilet.

5.4 Parties

Have fun and enjoy your holidays. Please note that parties within the property and in common areas are strictly prohibited.

5.5 additional guests.

Only guests who are included in the reservation are allowed on the property and its facilities. Guests must always pay the established cost for additional guests and must be included at the time of signing in.

5.6 Ecological and sustainable

DRAGO Holidays appreciates that you use water and electricity sparingly. When you are not on the property, turn off the fans, as well as the TV and other appliances.

5.7 WIFI

In case of a bad Internet connection try to turn off and turn on the router. Contact us if you do not have a wifi connection. Never restart the router.

5.8 Common Zones

Keep them in good condition so that all guests can benefit from a pleasant environment.

5.9 Illegal activities

DRAGO Holidays is not responsible for any illegal activity and is prohibited any illegal activity on the property and common areas, including the Internet.


Each apartment has its own inventory list with replacement prices in case of loss or damage.

6.1 Inventory Damage

If DRAGO Holidays notices that something is missing from the inventory list or damaged, the guest will be charged the corresponding amount. The cost of repair / restoration will be charged for the damaged inventory that is installed, as well as the moving parts of the furniture.

6.2 Lost Property

The guest's personal belongings will be stored for a maximum of two weeks after departure. The guest has the possibility to pick up the objects or to send them to the indicated address at his own expense. After two weeks, everything will be donated. If you wish to donate something, you can leave it at the property or ask us and DRAGO Holidays will provide you with the exact address. DRAGO Holidays collaborates with animal shelters, social canteens and associations of children with autism.


If there is anything that compromises the safety of guests and property, the guest is obligated to inform DRAGO Holidays immediately. For your own safety, be sure to close all doors and windows properly. Do not leave personal belongings by the pool, if any, and common areas. In the event of an emergency, contact the emergency service (112) and us as soon as possible.

Guests are obliged to take care of their personal belongings and valuables remaining in the accommodation. DRAGO Holidays is in no way responsible for your disappearance.

Weapons, flammable or explosive substances and products with a strong or unpleasant smell are not allowed in the apartment. In addition, electrical appliances are not allowed without prior agreement with DRAGO Holidays.

When guests leave the apartment, they must turn off the lights and electrical appliances, turn off the gas and water, and close the umbrellas on the terrace. In addition, guests are asked not to leave the air conditioning on. It is forbidden to litter in bathrooms or any other place not designed for this purpose.

DRAGO Holidays asks guests never to leave a key in the door inside the apartment. If this rule is violated and DRAGO Holidays has to call a locksmith, guests are obliged to cover all expenses.


In the event that the apartment is handed over at check-out in an extremely dirty and/or contaminated condition, DRAGO Holidays will charge the guest an additional amount of money to cover the additional cleaning costs. Guests are obligated to cover all expenses for damage caused by improper use of the property, especially for broken windows and furniture.

Guests are requested to take care of the apartment and the furniture inside and outside the apartment. Guests may not move furniture or transport it to another apartment, outside of the same or to common areas (kitchen chairs to the terrace, cutlery and towels or blankets to another apartment, etc.)


Free and private WiFi is provided in each property. DRAGO Holidays is not responsible for any illegal activity carried out on the Internet by the guest. In case of a bad Internet connection try to turn off and turn on the router. Contact us if you do not have a wifi connection. Never restart the router.


DRAGO Holidays recommends that all guests purchase travel insurance to cover possible unexpected events. DRAGO Holidays is not responsible for loss of personal belongings or injury to property or common areas.

If the customer does not comply with the above Terms and Conditions, DRAGO Holidays reserves the right to require the customer to leave the property, and the customer in question cannot request any form of compensation.


All apartment descriptions and information apply to published apartments. DRAGO Holidays will make every effort to ensure that the details are correct and as accurate as possible. DRAGO Holidays will not assume any responsibility for errors or omissions that may occur. DRAGO Holidays also reserves the right to change the information published on the website at any time, including prices, descriptions and photographs. DRAGO Holidays reserves the right to update any of these Terms and Conditions at any time if it deems it necessary. 

Users are responsible for reading the Terms and Conditions described on this page. Your acceptance of the use of this website immediately implies that you have accepted any changes that may be made by a third party and that the third party agrees to comply with these changes. These Terms and Conditions do not affect the legal rights of the user.

Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution

In accordance with Art. 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013 and Art. 13 of Directive 2013/11/EU relating to the alternative resolution of consumer disputes, and in the national territory, Law 7/2017 of 2 November, which incorporates into Spanish law the aforementioned Directive, we inform you that those traders in the European Union who enter into contracts of sale or provision of online services, made through eCommerce or electronic commerce, must provide information on the existence of the Platform for the resolution of disputes online. 

This platform offers a single window that allows consumers and traders in the European Union to resolve disputes in the case of domestic and cross-border purchases.

For this reason, we would like to inform you that you can access the platform at the following link:

Likewise, in the event that the consumer wants to resolve a conflict without having to resort to such an out-of-court resolution, he can do so by sending an e-mail to:

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